About Adam

Adam KrumholzI founded Krumholz Law Office in 2008 upon passing the Ohio Bar Exam. Since then, my practice has primarily focused on Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Civil Cases involving the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act. I have successfully represented hundreds of clients in these and other areas of law. I have also served as Guaridan ad Litem in over 80 Family Law Cases.

I earned my under graduate degree from Franklin University and graduated from the University of Dayton School of Law in 2008. Since beginning my practice I have worked diligently to support the communities I work and live in. From 2008 through 2013, I was in leadership roles with the Young Lawyer’s Division of the Dayton Bar Association and have helped raise over $75,000.00 for Care House, Montgomery County’s Local Advocacy Center for abused and neglected children. Presently, I serve as the Chair of the Member and Public Service Committee of the Dayton Bar Association and am a Board Member for Linda Vista, a woman’s homeless shelter and life rehabilitation center.

My Philosophy:

Adam Krumholz
I believe that everyone deserves quality and reliable legal representation. I represent a new generation of attorneys that focuses heavily on communication and collaboration while at the same time being ready to turn adversarial at a moment’s notice. In my experience, the best results for any given case are oftentimes achieved when I am able to successfully communicate and collaborate with my clients as well as with opposing counsel within the guidelines of the law. It is my objective to work hand in hand with my clients to achieve their goal or goals.

In the Press:

When Adam Krumholz graduated from the University of Dayton School of Law in 2008, he hung out his own shingle. “I’m glad that I did,” Krumholz said of his decision to open an office in Dayton.

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